Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why don’t you just buy new clothes?

This is the question my husband asked me the other day as I was stressing out over all the things I needed to get done before we can leave on our trip.  Not too mention we weren’t seeing much of each other, as I was always heading off to the sewing room when the kids went to bed.

And there is definitely a point to it.  Buying fabric can add up, but it’s usually cheaper than paying for the clothing item in a store.  What you have to remember to add in is all the time it takes you to get the item finished.  I am still at the point that I think I can get something accomplished much quicker than I can.  I will only need to do a few things to finish up something and then look at the clock and realize two hours have been sucked gone.

At the end of the day I have started to make more clothes because I do find it enjoyable.  I like to be creative and this has definitely been a good outlet for me.  Most times though, it would make more sense time management wise, to just go out and buy things.

I was looking at some of my favorite browsing online stores.  You know the ones you look at for inspiration because you can’t really afford to buy any of their pieces.  I happened to stumble upon a dress at Anthropology, this dress is being currently sold for $98.

striped maxi dress

Now what’s kind of amazing and funny about this, is that I just recently finished up sewing a new dress for myself.  I bought the fabric last year and all together it probably ran me $20.  I used a pattern I already had (Simplicity 1881) and the dress went together really quickly.  Now remember I had completely finished sewing this dress before I came across this one on the internet.


It’s almost exactly the same.  And had I picked out a different color stripe, it would have been a dead ringer.  In this instance sewing the dress was definitely worth my time.  It also gave me a chance to learn a new skill, inserting an invisible zipper.  Mine didn’t go exactly as I wanted, and you can see it peeking over the top.  But now I know how to do it.


This dress will even work in the “in-between” seasons by throwing on a denim or chambray shirt.



  1. Success!! That turned out really cute! Sewing is definitely my creative outlet too!

  2. Haha...my husband asked me the same thing the other day. Your dress looks great (I like it better than the $98 version!)