Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gray at 8 Months



This little girl is such a stinker.  She really is a great baby.  We call her monster baby, because she loves to attack Bella.  In fact I think Bella is going to be the reason she finally starts crawling.


She currently loves bath time, but then hates getting dressed afterwards.


We also attempted a 6 hour road trip up to the lake house.  Oliver was excited to go, sitting in the car for over 30 minutes as we got everything packed up.  Bella and Oliver did great on the ride.  Gray was a wreck.  No pictures…but just imagine a screaming baby for over half the trip!


Oliver finally got to go fishing!!


But not a huge fan of wearing life jackets.


This summer has been busy, just taking care of the three kids.  When does school start again?!


Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Oliver


It was a Lego theme this year, for the little boy who loves Legos.



I really tried to keep myself in check this year and only provide a few details to go along with the theme.  This included the banner, Emmett sign, strawberry cake with Lego cake stand and new Lego figurines on top (easiest way to decorate a cake ever), and Lego marshmallow men.



And as far as activities, it was just presents, cake, and then free time to play with Legos.  Keeping it super simple for young boys with short attention spans!


It turned out to be a great party, and Oliver seemed to have a great time during, and afterwards continuing to play with all his Legos.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gray at 7 Months

Gray turned 7 months at the beginning of May.  While I haven’t gotten around to posting it yet, I did at least take the pictures at the right time.


The big news this month was that we mastered sitting.  We absolutely love eating solids.  And we have our two bottom teeth completely in.  It was about 4 weeks of a very crabby/off schedule, to include night feedings again.  We are still pretty stationary when on the ground.  No crawling yet.


So last month I incorrectly labeled Oliver’s picture.  So it’s the same one again, except this one really is his 7 month picture.  Oh, and I did correct the 6 month post.


Monday, June 8, 2015

These Last Few Months


So behind!!!!  It’s been slightly crazy around here.  So much going on, and I really want to share with all of you, but the time just keeps disappearing.  So here is a quick update.

Let’s begin with the injury Jesse suffered at the end of March.  He tore his achilles tendon playing basketball.  Which meant months of crutches and not being very mobile.  In fact here it is June and he is just able to walk on it without crutches.  I probably don’t have to explain how nothing got done around here the last couple of months.


Next up was Easter.  Gray was still just laying around back then.


Oliver wasn’t too excited about his Easter basket.  It had clues in the Easter eggs…you know…where was the candy?


But then the clues lead him to a new bicycle.  He was excited about the bike, but I think he really just wanted candy!


Bella had her 1st Grade musical in May.  She did a much better job this year holding her head up.


Gray has officially mastered sitting.  With this unseasonable cool beginning of summer, she has been wearing a lot of her brothers old clothes as I don’t want to buy her any new winter clothes.


Jesse and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  We took a quick trip to Rio.


Rock in Rio, which was a concert festival in Las Vegas.


It’s finally just started to warm up a little bit around here.  We did an afternoon at our baby pool.  Gray was not a fan of the water.  I will give her that it was ice cold.  Oliver didn’t seem to mind.



A couple weeks later we actually went into a heated pool.  Gray thought that was great and splashed around the whole time.  I’m guessing she is actually going to like the water.

She makes the funniest faces and now her and Bella have taken to laughing with each other.  It’s chunky monkey and her sister skinny minny.


Lastly we just spent a day at the Royals stadium with Oliver.  I think Oliver really enjoyed having undivided time with both of us, and it was so much easier just having one mobile somewhat self sufficient kid to worry about.

He really wanted to run the bases at the Little K.  He did a great job.


It was a warm day and by the 7th inning he was definitely ready to go home.


Now it’s officially summer!!  Hope everyone is having a good one so far!