Friday, April 19, 2013

Head Scarves and a Plan

It’s still so very chilly here in the Mid-West.  I am so very very ready for Spring and warmer weather.  Today I ran out of the house and decided to try the head scarf that I keep seeing all around the internet.

I’m not really sure it works on me.


Notice my photo bomber?  I decided we would just make it work.


It makes the head scarf look better!

I finally got to the fabric store to pick up some trim, thread, and elastic, all the things I need to finish up my final pieces for the tropical vacation.  If I get one piece finished each day before we leave, I will be good to go.

Anyone ever sized down a swim suit?  I have a swim suit I really love but the bottom gaps weirdly.  I am thinking about giving it a try, but I’m worried I will ruin it.  Don’t worry, I won’t be showing off any swim suit pictures on this blog, even if it does work out!!

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