Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Personal Goals

I bought a pair of white jeans years ago.  Almost 6 years ago to be exact.  They were on clearance and I really like them, except they didn’t have my size.  Or what I thought “my current size”.  So I bought them even though they were two or three sizes too small, and decided they would be my motivation for losing all the baby weight.

They still have the tags on and I still look at them every time I am in my closet.  Now that I have had two babies I had kind of given up on ever wearing them.  My body has changed so much with each child.

In one last push I thought if I could get into them before our vacation, that would mean I had really accomplished my goal.  So I dusted them off and tried them on.


This time around I actually got them onto and up my thighs.  I even really like how they look from the back, which I don’t say about many jeans.


They are flared.  They were purchased before skinny jeans hit the Midwest, but I still sort of like that about them.  I could even get them buttoned.  But let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty or very comfortable, it still creates a muffin top of sorts.

So I will either have to wear them with loose tops or not at all.

Do you have an item of clothing that is your “motivation” piece?  Does it really even help?  I don’t think it has really helped me, but I still hold out hope that someday I will be able to cut the tag off!

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