Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gray at 3 Months

No stats for this month.  This little girl is still a chunk.  She has continued to do quite a lot of babbling.  And we are not 100% sleeping through the night, but we sure are close.


This is our sign for getting hungry….aggressively chewing on our hand along with lots of loud sucking noises.



We finally broke out the baby bath tub.  Gray is pretty much content and happy no matter what she is doing.  Unless she is really hungry or tired, that is.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas Time

Only a few weeks late, but we didn’t really have the wonderful Christmas that we wanted to have.  Instead we all go sick…for weeks on end.

So this year if we had sent out a Christmas picture it would have looked like this.


Not a single item of Christmas clothing is on, even though we did in fact all get new Christmas pajamas.  If it wasn’t for the Christmas tree, you would have no idea what time of year it was.

Oliver was so sick he didn’t even really play with his new Christmas toys until two days after Christmas.

Here’s hoping for a better Christmas next year.


FYI the family pictures were actually taken after New Years when everyone started feeling better again.  Below are the actual pictures from Christmas morning.  As you can see…not a lot of excited faces.