Thursday, April 25, 2013

Linen Pants Worn Two Ways

Another vacation makeover is about to be revealed.  I believe this is the outfit I will wear for our day of traveling.  We leave at 5:30am.  Yes actually leave then, meaning we have to be to the airport around 4am.  Hoping I can learn to sleep on the plane.  The bonus is we land at our destination at 4pm in the afternoon and can actually do something that evening.

So my inspiration photo for this project was this.

linen pants

The whole outfit just looked so comfortable yet a little bit dressy.  I owned this pair of linen pants circa 2006?


They had a huge flair to them and were just a little bit too big everywhere.  So again I turned them inside out and went to town taking off some width on both the inseam and the two sides.

Here is how they ended up.  At first I styled them very similar to the inspiration photo.


And although I might wear it that way on our trip…most days you would be more apt to find me looking like this.


A lot more casual and carrying or following around a two year old!  This one just happened to wake up from his nap mid-photo shoot.

As you can tell, I still kept a slight widening on the leg to make them more boot cut.  Since linen pants are usually made to be more relaxed looking.


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