Thursday, August 13, 2015


School has started!!!!!!  I love the school year.  It's really the best place for Bella, she gets individual attention the whole day.  And I believe Oliver does better in a structured situation with plenty of playtime and friends.

The start of school can be a little rough.  In fact this year we have been having major issues with the buses for Bella.

Here we are all waiting around for the bus to arrive on the first day of school.
Here we are almost an hour later....still waiting.

Yep that's right, the bus was an hour late picking up Bella.  And the worst part is, they didn't even call to let us know what was going on.  We only live a couple blocks from school, but across a major street.  Not real easy to get three kids , only one of them able to walk on their own, over to school.  Especially when Bella has a new wheel chair that doesn't fit in my vehicle.  I was just about to attempt walking them over, assuming the bus wasn't going to show up, and then Oliver spotted it.
The main question I have going through my head is that this is a special needs bus.  I'm fairly certain if this was a regular school bus, there would have been so many parents complaining they would have fixed it immediately.  But they let this bus continually get behind with no fixes (send another bus, send an experienced driver) and not telling anyone.
We have been happy in the past with the busing, but not so far this year.
On the way home the first day they were 30 minutes late.  And we are their first should take 5 minutes tops.

Today they had improved and were only 15 minutes late.  I really hope they get it together soon.  And get reliable drivers and aids.  It's a little daunting to send your child on a bus when you know they can't speak or help themselves.  You have to truely trust everyone else to do their job.  And when they don't know how to run the lift (or send a bus that has a working lift) and they can't figure out how to hook up your child's wheelchair in the bus.  Well that just doesn't seem very professional.

Okay enough ranting on the bus situation....stay tuned for actual first day of school pictures!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mini Posts - Bella

I find I have no time to sit down and write lengthy posts.  My laptop is also bringing me down and I'm on a search for a new one.
So I might try writing a small post now and again about something going on.

So let's start with Bella.  She had a nice break through at summer school in the beginning of July.  She stood all on her own!!  I think this is going to become a new goal for her and it's very exciting to see her accomplish something!

She also just got a new wheelchair.  Her first one lasted 6 years.  The new one seems more comfortable and hopefully she will sit up better and hold her head up more, plus participate better at school or around town with us.