Thursday, October 31, 2013

Being Tricky

Today is a day full of class parties.  If your school district is like ours, they have specific lists you have to buy from for class party treats.  Most people probably enjoy that, it’s easy.  But people like me would really love to be more creative and come up with something festive.

This time around I decided to go with go-gurts.  It’s on he approved snack list, and it’s a food that my daughter likes to eat.  But plain yogurt tubes are very boring.  So I created a quick little sleeve for them by taping white printer paper around the yogurt tube. 

photo 2

Then I quickly sketched out a ghost and the word BOO on each tube.

photo 1

Now that looks more festive and it’s a healthy snack!!

Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It’s All About Costumes

Every year I get to this point, just a day or two before Halloween and ask myself…what was I thinking.  I am still in the midst of making costumes.  Mostly due to the fact my husband had a last minute change and I am now making him a costume as well…on the final day.  It’s not his fault though, I told him I would do it.

So here is a sneak peak.

My dress was done weeks ago…you have already seen it.  The accessories are all store bought…so I am done.


Bella’s costume was also store bought, an after Halloween deal.  Except her main part is all custom made and still being worked on.


Oliver was given a couple of choices for his costume.  I think he managed to pick the character that has the most pieces to make.  7 pieces to be exact, all handmade.  Here is just one of the pieces.


My husband’s costume is going to come out of this pile…I better get working, he has one piece that was store bought but needs adjustment and 4 pieces that are handmade.


We are all one theme….any ideas?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Life is all about balance and knowing when to give up.

This week was the last challenge for Project Sewn the “selfish sewing” challenge to make your own clothes. 

This week was Kids Clothes Week, where you are supposed to sew for your kids all week long.

There is only one week till Halloween and in my family that means busy making costumes.

We are going on a short vacation soon, which always means hectic days trying to get ready and then recouping afterwards.

We work and have kids.

So most of the things on the sewing list….are not going to get done.

I was going to recreate this vest for my signature project… will have to wait.

quilted vest

My son needs pants desperately, so I did manage to sneak in a couple of pairs of comfy pants out of old t-shirts and sweatshirts.  And when making your own, you can give comfy pants style.



And I have been very busy on the sewing for Halloween front….no pictures to share yet…you will just have to wait until next week.

But in truth this week has mostly been dedicated to work and everyday life….and with a long list of to-do’s staring me in the face, I better get back to it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Graphic Print Kimono

I finished up my version of a kimono.


After seeing my inspiration of kimono’s I found this great graphic print for only $3/yd.  I picked up a couple yards and dug around in some patterns that I owned to find one I could modify.  The inspiration picture I was trying to imitate was this one.


I found this pattern in my stash and figured it would give me a jacket form to start from.


I used view E.  When cutting out the pattern I meant to lengthen the jacket and take out the curve.  I didn’t quite make it long enough, so I added a band on the bottom.


I also didn’t quite cut enough to get out the curve of the jacket.  It works fine, but I just wish I had a couple inches more in the circumference around my waist.


By the way, I actually didn’t mean to have my head cut off in these photos.  I was trying out a new lens on my camera and apparently it has a great zoom.  So I couldn’t get in range to get my whole body into the photo.  And then it was starting to rain, so I didn’t have time to run upstairs and get my regular lens.  So in the end, you get my half kneeling to get one final picture in.


We have a family bowling outing tonight.  I just might be rockin my silk kimono jacket for the event, the graphic print goes with bowling shoes…right?!

Friday, October 11, 2013

On Trend–Kimonos

What do you think of the Kimono trend?  It basically looks like a silk cardigan to me, and I’m loving them.  I am in the process of making one, should hopefully be completed this weekend.

Here were the inspiration pictures I was using when I was picking out the fabric and the pattern.


I really liked the floral prints, but I thought a geometric print would be easier for me to pull off….stay tuned to see what I came up with.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Capes as Coats

I have been eyeing capes for awhile now.  I made my daughter one two years ago for Christmas.  I always had it in my mind I could take the pattern I used for her and upsize it for myself.  I even bought fabric for the project well over a year ago.

And as most things go around here.  It never got done.  Capes are still trendy, so I figured I had better get busy making one before it was past it’s time.  And speaking of time, this little project lined up perfectly with the “Project Sewn” challenge - The Fashion Era Challenge.  I was specifically thinking of 60’s capes when I was brainstorming my ideas.  Although honestly when I did some research, capes have been popular throughout the ages.  There are only a few eras where they were out of style.

In the end I figured it would be easier to tailor an already made pattern for women into something I wanted.  So I picked up this McCall’s pattern, M6446, when it was on sale for 70cents.


On the original pattern I wasn’t a huge fan of the collar, and I wanted my cape to have a little less volume on the bottom.  And as a bonus challenge I had purchased only 2 yards of fabric years ago for this project, and the pattern called for almost 3 yards.  This was my make it work moment.


I ended up taking off some of the volume in the side panels.  I think I could have taken more off, but I’m happy with it.  I also created my own collar detail so the collar would be turned up and button.  So far I have only added two buttons.  I have two more to sew on, but I can’t decide if I want them.  I am a little afraid it will pull at the chest, and I really don’t want that to happen.  So I might be happy leaving it with only two buttons and then adding the buttons to the back of the coat.


Because when I went to buy buttons today, which was the only reason I needed to run to the store, I forgot I needed buttons for the back.


Maybe if I did add the buttons to the front, it wouldn’t gape so much at the bottom and show the lining and pocket lining.  Hmmm, I may have made my decision.


It does look alright completely unbuttoned.


I did get this project sewn up in a week, but an exterior garment, especially one I decide to fully line (even though the pattern didn’t call for it), takes up a lot of time.  It’s one of those pieces that probably isn’t worth sewing up, unless you really want something specific, or if you happen to have a lot of free time.

Speaking of lining.  I had even less lining fabric than the wool for the exterior.  I thought it wouldn’t matter if the lining had less volume than the coat, except I wanted to sew it at every edge.  So I ended up having to sew in some weird wedges to make it work.  I don’t think you would normally notice it when wearing it, but I know it’s there.


So how do you feel about capes?  I’m definitely excited to wear mine when it’s gets colder outside!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Little Black Dress Challenge

Remember this dress I showed you a couple of days ago.


I made it as part of my Halloween costume.  But I also entered it into a Little Black Dress challenge.

If you liked it go here Little Black Dress Challenge, scroll down and vote for me.

I believe the voting closes on Sunday.  I don’t necessarily want to win, but hey that wouldn’t be bad either, I really just want a few votes so I don’t feel bad for myself!

Thanks for understanding.

On Trend–Silk Pants

Summer weather is coming to a close.  I wanted to eek out one more summer trend.  This one was really iffy for me.

I saw these pants and loved them.  Loved them on the model to be exact.

silk pants

But me wearing silk flowered pants?  Not so sure.

They looked easy enough to make, but browsing through Target’s clearance racks I found a pair of tan silk pants for $12.  I couldn’t make the pants for $12, so I thought I would buy them.  They sat in my closet for months.  I finally broke them out the other night for a dinner out with friends.


They are super comfortable.  An elastic waist will do that for you.


But it was definitely a little scary for me to wear them out in public.  Pretty much felt like I was wearing pajama pants out for dinner.

I apologize for the shadows in the pictures.  We have no natural light in our house due to all the trees.  It drives me crazy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Little Black Dress

I finished up my little black dress.

I wanted to be sure that it could meet two purposes.  1.  It needs to be part of my Halloween costume.  2.  It needs to be nice enough that it can actually be worn to a special occasion.


I ended up sewing a fit and flare dress with half length sleeves.


Stay tuned for later in the month when you can see this transformed into my costume.