Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maxi Dresses in My Closet

My husband and I are getting a break from day to day life and going on vacation in a month.  It’s a tropical vacation.  I am so very very excited.

And like most women, I now feel like I need to lose 10+ pounds before I am seen in a swimsuit.  We are working on that.

The other thing is I haven’t been on a “tropical vacation” in awhile.  My warm weather clothes and swim suit cover-ups leave a little to be desired.  So I figured I would try on everything I had, take a picture, and then decide which pieces I wanted to take, which ones I wanted to alter, and which ones should just leave the house now!

I own this empire waist maxi dress that I have had for a few years. Empire waists are not my friend. Oh I love how they fit and feel on, but once seen in picture, they leave a little to be desired.

Plus this dress keeps shrinking every single time I put it in the washer. When I first bought it, it was way too long, now it is starting to become a questionable length. I think I’m going to alter it. But I haven’t decided how. I definitely think I need to drop the waist and make it more defined. I think this inspiration piece could be managed if I found some coordinating trim that I liked at the store.  It would definitely make a cute swim suit cover up.

IMG_1099backless maxi

Next up I have this same style maxi dress in black.  This one has a hole in the top and the back is horrible looking.  I think I might just chop it off and have it become a maxi skirt.


Lastly I own this maxi dress.  It isn’t an empire waist, but something about the top is just wrong.  I thought the diagonal lines would be sliming, and the skirt part looks decent.  The top just seems like it should have more substantial straps, or become strapless all together.  Or maybe if I have time, I could sew up a plain black tank that could go on top…sort of like this inspiration look.

IMG_1093covering tank maxi dress

And this is just the beginning.  I have slew of photos of some shorter dresses/cover ups and also some pants I would like to take.

In the next few weeks this will be my priority to make over all the pieces so I am ready to go!

I think a few of them I will give you a sneak peak as I finish them.  And some of them, I might just wait and show you from the beaches themselves.

Did I mention I was excited?  I am so excited to be able to take this trip.  I am also having some major guilt about leaving the kids back home with the grandparents.  I have to keep telling myself that I definitely need the break.  My husband definitely needs the break.  And we definitely need the time together.  And time with the grandparents will be good for the kids and good for the grandparents…they will survive!

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  1. I think you should use the top off the black maxi (that you said you might make a skirt) as the cover for the striped one. Maybe you could put something cute over the hole too.