Thursday, March 26, 2015

Slim Sweat Pants

The stars aligned and I actually got a picture of Oliver in his new sweat pants.  Granted the picture has big shadows in it.  I mean we were quickly trying to get a snap shot right before school, and among other things Oliver was telling me he really couldn’t pose for the picture because his legs weren’t working right to hold him up.

Of course when I told him he could play around on the bed, he was in.  Although actually posing was not happening, it was more like quickly snapping shots before he fell down.


I used some old sweatpants of Jesse’s and mine to put this together.  It made the project go even faster (no hemming).  Adding the pockets did take extra time, but the boy has to have his pockets.  He did complain that they are a little low for him and wants the next pair to have higher pockets.  You know, so he doesn’t have to bend down to put his toys in the pockets.


I used this free pattern Slim Sweats from Melly Sews as a draft and only had to make a few adjustments to downsize them.

I will definitely be making him another pair, but I believe I will wait till the fall.  Who knows how quickly his legs are going to grow during the summer.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Gray at 5 Months

Gray will be 6 months in a week, so I thought I better get around to posting the pictures I took when she was 5 months.



Someone else thought he needed to sit in his chair and get his picture taken.  He choose a tongue sticking out pose.  Not to mention a terrible dirty t-shirt.


I actually sewed something last week.  It was a new pair of pants for Oliver.  I haven’t gotten a picture of them yet, and with the great turn of weather we might be quickly working on shorts.  Everything has to have pockets now days.

We have also started painting and slowly attempting projects around here again.

Of course the night we decide to be productive and paint until midnight, we have a wakeup call from the kids at 3:45am.  Pretty much how life goes right now.