Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sewing with Charmeuse Satin a.k.a the Easter Dress

I absolutely loved this fabric.  It feels great and it looks great.

It was a pain to sew.  It was an even bigger pain to cut.

I had mentioned I was going to use a pattern when sewing my dress.  Then I ditched that idea and tried to wing it.  I shouldn’t have done that.

In the end I am very proud of my dress, but of course there are quite a few things I would have done differently.

Let’s take a look at the dress again.


I attempted to make a triangle top, but I didn’t want it to be too tiny.  The fabric slipped all over the place as I was trying to cut it, and sew it, so it took a lot of trial and error to get the top to look okay.  Although this picture makes it look like I’m a little lopsided, I assure you I am not…it’s the wind, I swear!


I was originally going to have the straps cross over and attach to the back, but it didn’t look quite right.  The top hung funny.  Once I tied the straps into a halter, the top looked much better.

It’s an extremely comfortable dress, and I think it will work great for many different types of occasions.  I guess I just better be mindful of which way the wind is blowing!

The fabric was on sale for $5/yd and I got 3 yards, of which I used most of it.  I would estimate it took about 5 hours for me to draft a pattern, cut out the dress, and sew it.  I will definitely buy silk charmeuse again if I ever see a print I like at a good price.

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  1. Beautiful colored and draping fabric. Very cute dress.