Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Maxi Dress Into a Skirt

This one is so very simple it hardly needs a post of it’s own.  But I did manage to make this even more simple.  Do you ever have those pairs of workout/yoga pants that have seen better days?  I had a pair I wore all the time, until I noticed a hole in them.  Of course the hole was in the rear, and left me wondering how long it had been there before I noticed.

Anyways….it had one of those fold over waistbands that I love.  There is absolutely nothing more comfortable or forgiving.  So I chopped off the fold over waistband and I sewed it onto the bottom half of the black maxi dress.


This particular waistband had pink on the inside.  I like that I can show the pink if I want to add a little color blocking.  Or I can keep it folded up if I don’t.


And if you don’t remember I had to remove the top on this dress, because there was a hole in the top and the back was super unflattering!

See easy…and this one took about 15 minutes!

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