Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Wrap-Up

It’s time to wrap up my pinterest challenge.  If you have been following me you know I have one more item left to create, which has been postponed due to Easter.  So here is my original pinterest board for the challenge.



I ended up doing a super secret pinterest challenge instead of #1, Disney inspired pictures - posted here.

disney picturesIMG_0899

I completed the crazy sock monkey pants out of knit scraps all sewn together posted here.

monkey pants for OliverIMG_0816

I painted on a dress I already owned in a similar fashion to this inspiration photo and posted about it here.

paint on a dressIMG_0847

I repurposed an old sweater and turned it into a new printed shirt and posted on it here.

repurpose sweaterIMG_0795

I attempted to make the globe as shown in the inspiration photo, but haven’t found the right pieces to finish it out posted here.

repainted metallic globeIMG_0885

Lastly I switched out making the sweatshirt since it should be the beginning of warmer weather.  I was going to switch it up and make a fancy lace dress for an upcoming wedding.  Since Easter came first I went ahead and switched it up again and made this dress posted here.

lace maxiIMG_1013

I plan to continue making pinterest inspiration pieces once a week or so.  Next up will be this lace dress.

bridesmaid dress into lace

Check back to see how it goes.


  1. Those pants with the monkey on the butt? adorable!

  2. awesome job! love those monkey pants. I would be way too chicken to paint a dress. and now I want to make that lace maxi!

  3. Love the Easter dress, that print is beautiful!

  4. Thanks for all your wonderful comments. The monkey pants crack me up every time he wears them and they get a lot of compliments!
    The maxi Easter dress is so comfortable to wear and such a fun bright color, I'm so excited that maxi's are in style, the lace one will probably still get made at some point!