Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lace Sweater

I think it’s about time for another repurposed item from my closet.

This was a plain tan sweater with a little embellishment at the neck that was hard to see.  I have owned it for a few years and have probably worn it out of the house once.


I bought two different colors of lace online when I was trying to figure out what would go best for my final pinterest challenge dress.  I took the color of lace that I wasn’t going to use, which was a gold color, and decided I could add it to this sweater to dress it up a bit.


Hard to tell it’s even the same sweater.  I basically cut out the front piece and used it as a template for the lace.  I did cut off the entire arm bands and bottom band and then sewed them back on.  I also cut off the sleeves using the originals as a pattern.  The sleeves are lace all around and shortened up a bit.  I also took some of the original neck detail and simplified it before I sewed it back on.  You can’t see it, but the back is the original.


And because I couldn’t leave you without showing another dorky picture!  I’m cool…I’m walking…I’m flipping my hair!


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