Tuesday, December 17, 2013

9 Days Till Christmas

Going to see Christmas lights.

We got everyone bathed for the night and into their pajamas and we headed off to go see Christmas lights.

We even made some coffee drinks for mom and dad, and hot chocolate for Oliver.

Oliver loves to say “Cheers” and clink glasses!


For some reason Oliver had it in his head that when we said we were going to go look at Christmas lights in other neighborhoods, he thought we were going to another neighborhood to park and get out to look at the lights and trains.  We never mentioned trains, but boy did he cry about it as we were headed home.  His exact words over and over were….”go park, we park in the neighborhood to look at lights and get out to see trains”.

He was really bawling by the time he recognized his own neighborhood, and realized we were headed home.

He did really enjoy the lights at the beginning of our drive around.  At the end I think he was too busy crying to really pay much attention.

Hopefully we can do another holiday activity where he gets out of the car to look at lights!

It would probably also help if he would have napped that day, I think any activity was probably doomed from the start.

Bella also enjoyed the lights, even though she is still getting over her sickness.

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