Monday, December 16, 2013

10 Days Till Christmas

Watching the Reindeer.

This was an activity I had in reserve for those days we really didn’t have time to do anything else.  I had heard about the reindeer cam where you could watch the reindeer and at certain times Santa would come and feed them.

Reindeer Cam

If you don’t happen to get online when Santa feeds the reindeer, you can google it and there are YouTube videos that  will show it at any point.  I will warn you that I think this particular Santa is a little cheesy.

We did go to the website and Oliver thought it was pretty neat.  We also watched the taped video of Santa on YouTube, because we of course didn’t get our timing right.

Then I found this website.  Animal Planet Reindeer Live


We really liked this website.  The graphics were clearer, and at the bottom they have links to a bunch of different live animals you can see around the world.  We spent quite a bit of time clicking on each one.  Oliver loved viewing all of them, but he is a huge animal lover.  This website also has a Santa feeding time, but it isn’t quite as often. 

I definitely suggest checking them out if you get a chance….for the kids of course!

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