Saturday, December 21, 2013

5 Days Till Christmas

Bella’s big gift.

It is very difficult for us to come up with good gifts that Bella will enjoy.  We are both originally from Nebraska and the majority of our family still lives up there, so we always head up around this time of year.

I did some research and found out that Omaha does have an indoor water park/hotel.  Since Bella loves to be in the water, I thought that might be a great present for her, plus it would provide a great activity for the whole family.

I meant to take pictures in the water park, but we were continuously wet and busy either running after one child or holding the other one, so no pictures happened.  There were plenty of smiles from both kids, so it was definitely a success.  And it was big enough with enough to do, that even the adults had fun.

I did get one smiley picture of Bella once we made it back into the hotel room.  One happy girl!



Although the water park was a success, the stay in the hotel was not so much.  Oliver had a cough and when everyone is staying in the same room, it kept all of us up.  Both kids were exhausted from the swim park so they wanted to go to bed at 6:30, and both Jesse and I had nothing else to do but get in bed too.  Except as I mentioned continuous coughing happened and pretty much kept everyone up until 1am.  Then finally with Oliver in bed with me and Jesse in bed with Bella we got everyone to fall asleep.  And surprisingly slept until 6:30am, which is decent in our book.  But still left everyone exhausted the next day.

So hotel rooms might not be totally out of the question, the coughing was just bad timing.  We might be smarter to get a hotel room that has separated rooms or a sitting room so that we can have a little more space!

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