Thursday, December 5, 2013

21 Days Till Christmas

When something comes up….make it a holiday experience.

We had a party to go to which was 40 minutes from our home.  It happened to be right near the Plaza, which has beautiful Christmas light decorations.  So we decided our advent activity would be looking at Christmas lights on the plaza.

Our kids are still a little too young to really experience the Plaza, so we just did a drive through.  Some year we hope to walk around.  Maybe on a nice evening, not one that was 20 degrees.

Here is what the Plaza area looks like all lit up (I did not take this photo).

plaza lights


We also found a neighborhood on our way home that had tons of lights, every house was lit up and they had strung lights from their trees down to the ground.  Both kids were in awe.  I just love neighborhoods were everyone participates!


And speaking of parties.  We were commenting on the way home how much “not fun” a party is when you are constantly chasing around your 2 year old and don’t really have the time to sit and talk with the friends you went to see in the first place.  I think he had a good time though.


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  1. Amen sister! We don't even attempt to go to these 'fun' parties anymore :( We know that fun with the kids happens at home and fun outside the home happens alone :) :) :)