Saturday, December 14, 2013

12 Days Till Christmas

It was inevitable that a day would get missed.  And with everyone being sick (flu and colds), we had a day that passed before we realized we hadn’t done anything for our Advent Calendar.

We also had some plans for this weekend that had to get scratched since we can’t really take sick kids out and about.

So in it’s place you get to see a new Christmas wreath I made this year.  And it was completely free.

Did you notice this wreath over the dresser?


I made it using paper and some old ornaments.


I went to a website to print off free music sheets.  The one I used is listed below, but you can easily google and come up with other examples.  Thank you to the people who create these for free!

Christmas Tree Music Sheet

christmas tree music sheet

First I cut out a small cardboard circle to use as my base. 

Then I printed out the sheets of music and folded them into a cone like shape.  I taped them onto the cardboard to get a fan pattern that I liked, then I hot glued them down in different places to make it more stable. 

Lastly I had extra Christmas tree ornaments that I was not using and hot glued them in the middle, which also covers up all the tape pieces I used for the paper.

I put a small hole in my piece of cardboard so I could hang it up on a nail.


I happened to be running out of ink on my printer, so I only printed out the music sheets on one side of the paper.  If think it would look better if you printed the music out on both sides.  Or you could get really creative and paint the portions of plain white paper you see with a coordinating color of paint.  I might add some silver or red paint at some point….but I’m sure that won’t happen this year.

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