Wednesday, December 11, 2013

15 Days Till Christmas

The Season of Giving.

We are blessed to be able to give our kids presents and to enjoy the holiday season with lots of activities.  But we also want to teach our children to share their blessings and that not everyone is as lucky.

Each child had a different opportunity to give to others.

Bella’s school was doing a Gingerbread Man Giving.  They had anonymous families in her school that were in need of items. Those items were listed on a gingerbread man.  Each student had the option to sign up and pick out a gingerbread man.  Bella may not have known what was going on, but we still wanted to participate as a family.  Bella brought home a gingerbread man that listed girls pajamas. So one day after school Bella and I went to the store and picked out a couple of pairs.

Bella getting ready to head out to the store.


Oliver’s school was doing a Toys for Tots drive.  He was very interested in the box that was in the lobby and how it kept having different toys in it.  I explained to him that we could go and purchase a toy to put in the box so that someone who didn’t have any toys would be able to receive a present for Christmas.

This time we took the whole family along and let Oliver play in the toy aisles to pick something out.  He had absolutely no concept of picking out a toy for someone else.  He was too busy playing with the toys.


While we were all at the store we also had each kid pick out something to give to each other as a sibling gift.  Bella didn’t even want to hold her head up to pick anything out and again Oliver was too busy saying he wanted everything to figure out what to get for Bella.

Maybe next year…sigh.

Although Oliver did do a great job putting in the two toys Mom and Dad picked out for the Toys for Tots.  He looked at them and then dropped them right into the box.

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