Thursday, December 19, 2013

7 Days Till Christmas

Visiting the crazy Christmas house.

I’m sure everyone has that one overdone, over decorated, crazy Christmas house.  Which in my mind is absolutely great (except maybe if you were their neighbor!)

We call the house near us, the penguin house.  They have hundreds upon hundreds of inflatable Christmas decorations and most of them involve penguins.  You can park and walk through their yard where they are all set up.

We found an evening that the weather was decent and we all set out to walk through.

I didn’t get very good pictures.  I meant to grab the good camera and then forgot, so the phone camera had to fill in.


Oliver absolutely loved it and didn’t want to leave.


Bella looked around and seemed to enjoy it, which is a good sign in our book.


Can you believe they actually had a blow up movie screen where they were projecting a movie for all to watch?


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