Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What a little tailoring can do for you.

I used to watch “What Not to Wear” all the time.  One of those shows you could have on, but still be doing other things because you didn’t have to pay close attention to it.
The one thing I remember from the show was how often they talked about tailoring.  You should always get your clothes tailored so that they looked the best on you.
I’m short.  Officially 5’-3 1/2” the other day at the doctors office (I usually claim 5’-4” because it sounds better).  I have never hemmed a piece of clothing before.  In the case of pants I usually either wear heels, or let it drag on the ground.  In the case of dresses I either wear them as is, or sometimes I will pin them up at the waist to bring the hemline up.
I finally figured it was time to tackle some of these pieces so that they actually hit me at a more appropriate place for my short stature.
Most dresses straight off the rack hit me just above or at the knees, which makes my already larger than normal legs look even worse.
Take this dress for example.


But once you shorten the hem and add some accessories…it’s a totally different look.
I can’t believe it’s taken me 3 years after owning a sewing machine to get around to doing this.  Only about 50 more items in my closet that could use a little shortening……or maybe I will have to stick to heels quite a while longer!


  1. I'm even less tall, so I always have to hem the trousers. Then they end up too short...Good luck!

  2. Gorgeous! It looks so much better for just that simple alteration. I have short legs and so I have to shorten everything as well. Great job!


  3. I have me too a lot of dresses, tops and so on that need just a little tailoring... and never do it... Must try something similar... shorten here, cut there... and that's perfect!!!
    Tx for sharing :)