Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It’s a change-up

I’m completely ready for spring….and completely over winter.

I was looking at my pinterest challenge board, and trying to figure out why I would have chosen to work on a sweatshirt.  I’m definitely over wearing sweatshirts.

So I am going to do a swap.  I have a wedding coming up in May and I would like to make a dress similar to this one.

bridesmaid dress into lace

Using a bridesmaid dress I wore a couple years ago.

So no more sweatshirt.

upcycle sweatshirt spring

I’ve also been thinking about Easter coming up…and how I would like to try and make Easter clothes for the kids.

Maybe a bowtie for Oliver using this tutorial.  Bow Tie Tutorial - A Lemon Squeezy Home


And I love the simple lines of this dress…which I really think I could put together without a pattern for Bella.

easter dress for Bella

For myself…I really love this skirt.  But I’m thinking it’s not really Easter appropriate.

sequin skirt

So I’m leaning towards making something similar to this.

lace maxi

I can wear a cardigan with it for church, and then it would be a great dress to have for the summer!

That is a lot of ambitious plans to finish in the next couple of weeks.  I will be happy if I finish half of them!


  1. I love, love, love that black dress! I would love to see your version. Also that skirt with the lacy Chevron print is amazingly gorgeous! LOVE!

  2. I love that dress, and would love to see how it turns out! I really liked the sweatshirt too, too bad you swapped it out, but oh well; it IS almost spring after all!

    What was the link to that sweatshirt? I can't find it, but I'm thinking maybe I'll try to make it soon :)

    1. It's still 30 degrees where I live, so I'm thinking I should have just attempted it...but like I said, I'm looking forward to spring! Here is the link, but it's sold out.