Thursday, March 14, 2013

Going to Work

Usually I work from home.  Today I actually have a conference to attend with a couple hundred people.  This meant I should probably take a look at all my work clothes and modernize them.

You see I probably haven’t bought work slacks for 5 years or so.

I pulled these out of the closet.  They were a couple sizes too big in the waist, and the older style of slightly flared leg.  And of course…way too long!


I quickly sewed them up to skinnify them.


I also just took these pictures at 6am while my kids are still sleeping…sorry for the darkness.  I knew if I waited till I got home from the conference a picture would never happen.

I can hardly believe they are the same pants.  All I did was try them on inside out and then pin where needed to make them tighter…and then followed the pins with my sewing machine.  I’ll admit I had to re-sew the lines a couple of times to make it come out the exact way I wanted.


Well off to work I go.

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