Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I’m about 50/50 when it comes to sewing with a pattern or winging it by a visual picture.  I have had good luck both ways, and real disasters too!

When I buy a pattern I try to find a pattern that has a detail I have not done before.  That way if I see the same detail in the future, I will know how to do it.

Pintucks seem easy enough.  There are many online tutorials that will explain them to you.  But I liked the visual of having a pattern with the lines drawn and the pattern shaped correctly for sewing them.

I turned to this pattern.  I love to pick up patterns at JoAnns when they are $1…who can beat that?

2365 simplicity

I choose view A, but kept the length shorter similar to view B.


I used a stretchy cotton print I found online (my #1 resource is  Up close you can see the pintuck details.


It seems very country chic to me….nerd alert on the next photo.


Yes I’m originally from Nebraska.  No I did not grow up on a farm.  But in college, some friends and I used to go to a country dance bar where we would have a few drinks and two-step with the local “cowboys”.


  1. Cute blouse, I love the pintucks!

  2. Love this blouse! Pintucks are one of my favorite details to add to clothing. The fabric print is pretty. A country dance bar sounds like fun. :)