Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Body Types

The thing that is hard for me when browsing through online inspirations like pinterest or clothing catalogs or even magazines in print, is that I find so many styles of clothing that I like, but I forget that they won’t look good on me.

Most of the models are tall and thin with little curves.  That’s not me.  I’m short with curves (thanks to both genetics and having two children), and I just can’t pull off most of the trends.

It took me over a year to jump on the skinny jeans bandwagon.  I still question whether they look right on me, and a lot of them bunch up weird on me because I actually have legs that fill them out.  Okay stretch them out is more like it.

It gets even harder when you are trying to use inspirations to make clothing yourself.  At least when you buy things in the store you can try them on before hand.  Sometimes when I make things, they may turn out alright.  Once I put them on, I realize all my hard work was for nothing, because it doesn’t look good on me.

So I’m learning as I go about what styles are going to look good on me, and which ones I should pass on.  And some times just like the skinny jeans, I may think they don’t look good now but soon the market will be so saturated with them that all bodies types will be wearing them eventually.

So that brings me to “boyfriend jeans”.  I own a pair of skinny jeans that are now too big for me.  I was hoping I could pass them off as “boyfriend jeans.”  I liked the style of button downs tucked into boyfriend jeans with heels.

My husband had a shirt that had a tear in it, so he gave it to me to do what I wanted.


I attempted to take it in and make it more fitted.


Bottom line.  I rushed through taking in the shirt, and it didn’t turn out the greatest.  I could probably still wear it in public if I wanted, but I just don’t think I will.  And well, as I mentioned before, I don’t think I can pull off the boyfriend jean look.  My legs actually fill up the jeans, instead of the jeans hanging straight down.

Maybe if I get brave enough to take in jeans (currently I’m afraid I will break my sewing machine because jean material is so very thick), then I could actually sew up these jeans so I wouldn’t need a belt to keep them from falling down.  But I don’t think I’m ever going to look like this….

boyfriend jeans

And that’s okay….it just means I can’t wear all the trendy styles that are out there.

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