Thursday, March 7, 2013

I’m all over the place

If you haven’t noticed I like to dabble in lots of different areas.  Pretty much anything I see that I like, I figure I might as well try doing it myself.  Not everything turns out great and most things take way more time than I think they should, but every once in awhile something turns out great and there is satisfaction in that.
When I first started getting into blogs it was all about food.  I was looking up ideas for Bella’s first birthday party (and that was 4 1/2 years ago).  Later as Bella got older I started getting into blogs that dealt with children’s clothing and as we started to redo our house, I started following more home design and DIY blogs.  And lastly with the creation of pinterest, I have started following blogs that deal with women’s fashion and furniture makeovers.  And that pretty much defines all of my main interests.
It was with great excitement today that I noticed the pair of monkey pants I had made for Oliver were featured on a very popular children’s clothing blog "Made" - go here to see them.  I kind of did a mini-dance in my seat.  There was definitely great satisfaction in seeing that!
I also wanted to show off some more pictures of Oliver in his Dinosaur Jacket.  He loves playing in my office area.
It was actually pretty easy to put together.  I bought the hoodie on sale at Target, cut it in half and then sewed in the scales.  The scales were made of an old t-shirt cut into triangles and I fused craft weight interfacing between them.  For the front teeth I just sewed in a rectangular piece of white felt and then free hand cut out the teeth.
Do you think he will grow up to be an engineer like both his mom and dad?
Does that surprise you?  If you have actually read this whole post and have seen that I like to cook, sew, craft, remodel, fashion, refurnish….would you believe I was an engineer by degree? 
If you met me in person and saw that I am way more introvert than extrovert…it would probably make more sense!


  1. Shut UP. You are officially famous - I love it!!!!

    1. Thanks. I did enter my picture into a pool for "Celebrate the Boy", but it was still an honor to be highlighted!

  2. love. absolute love. and I hope you're okay with strangers using your ideas :)

    1. Please do!! It was a fun project, and he gets compliments on it when he wears it out.