Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dining Room Changes

We just finished up remodeling our dining room.  We didn’t do anything major as far as changing layouts, knocking down walls, etc.  We did manage to touch pretty much every surface of the room.



When changing colors in a room, don’t over look the power of spray paint.  Or even paint in general.  All our decorations and furniture were from our first house.  In our first house I went with a burnt orange color.  Therefore my decorations were that same orange color.


But a little spray paint on the plate easily changes it from orange to navy blue.


And a little antique bronze paint on the candles takes them from orange to metallic.


I also used the scraps from the new drapes to sew a table runner.  I am thinking about adding some metallic paint to that as well, but have not attempted it yet.

And lastly the old dining room chairs had a faux black leather seat cushion.  Seat cushions are very easy to change out, and make such a dramatic difference when you add a bold print.


And let’s not forget we also spray painted the chandelier to get rid of the bright white candle holders and made them also navy blue to blend into the room better.


So if you get tired of your old decorations….see if you can paint them before you decide to buy new!

If you would like to see all the before and after pictures of our dinning room remodel click here.

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