Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dumpy Bum

I had a pair of jeans that were super comfortable and I really liked…until I saw myself in a picture.

These pictures to be exact.


They did not look good on.  So the jeans went into a pile to be donated, or redone.  FYI the pictures above were from Easter of 2012.

Since I’m obsessed with the boyfriend jean, but don’t actually own any, I thought I would grab this pair of jeans and try to turn them into the boyfriend jeans.

First I needed to address the dumpy bum.  I ripped the seam out from the crotch to the bottom of the belt loop as shown by the arrow below.

back of jeans arrow

I then took in some fabric from both sides to keep the pocket placement even, but closer together and pinned the new seam line.  At the middle of the bum, I probably took in an extra inch or so.  Nothing major, but just enough to go from dumpy to more defined.


These are the same jeans (ignore the rolling on the after shot, that’s to get them to boyfriend jean stage).  You can barely tell the pockets are closer together, but something about it just looks better.  It was actually super easy to do, all you really need to make sure you have is a denim needle and some topstitching jean thread (usually gold).

I just finished going at the jeans with a piece of sandpaper.  I plan to throw them in the laundry tonight and them wear them out tomorrow night.  Be ready for the complete transformation tomorrow!

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