Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Birthday Gift

Do you have an annoying overabundance of stuffed animals?  We do.

So we created a zoo/cage for all of them.


We started with this wood box I picked up at the Salvation Army Store.  It was labeled as a tv stand and on sale for $7.  You could also easily build the box yourself if you wanted.  I painted the box white and added some wood slats on the back and string in the front.  I also added a signage board in the front so I could label the box.  We put ours on wheels, so that it can both be wheeled around and so that we could tie the string off on the bottom and have the cage still be stable.


Someone though it was cute, and liked the animal letters on the front.  The new rule will be, if it doesn’t fit in the cage, it’s time to get rid of some stuffed animals!


Thanks to dad for helping out so we could get this finished and to Oliver in time for his birthday!

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