Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kids Clothes Week

This lines up nicely with two things. 

First I was going to sew up a bunch of kids clothes for the upcoming school year, and with school starting a month away, it was time to tackle the job.

Secondly for Summer Challenge Week 5 I was going to sew my daughter a shirt.

So that brings us to.


Hopefully in this next week you will be seeing me churn out a bunch of new clothing.

Inspiration for Oliver-summer 2013

Inspiration for Bella-summer 2013

You will notice that the inspiration pieces aren’t really summery.  I will be sewing some simple t-shirts, but mainly I am filling a need for my kids and that includes fall pieces, especially for my son, Oliver.

And no, I don’t really expect to finish all those pieces in the next week.  I will definitely have to narrow it down to the time I have available.

Wish me good luck!

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