Monday, July 21, 2014

Main Floor Bella’s Room–Week 8

This weekend we started the process of painting Bella’s bedroom.  The ceilings and walls were primed, and the ceiling got it’s final coat of paint.  All that we have left is painting the actual wall color on the walls.  Oh and finishing up the trim work, and getting doors and lights installed.

But as far as painting goes, we are getting near the end.

Since we have been painting so much, Oliver has been begging us to let him paint.  He really wants to help.  So I figured since Bella’s room has bare floors and we were just painting with primer.  This would be the only time we could actually let him paint the walls.

The kid loved it.  And his outfit cracked me up.


Bella got the enjoyment of watching everyone work on her room.  We made Oliver wear shoes, as it’s still drywall dusty on the floors.  And of course we made him take off his clothes so he wouldn’t get paint on them.


And one more time to catch Oliver in action.


That definitely looks like a payback picture for when he is in his teenage years!

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