Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Main Floor Bella’s Room–Week 7

It’s been busy around here.  With summer in full swing we have been busy with extracurricular activities on the weekends.  This means is getting harder to fit in finishing up the renovation.  But we have been slowly getting some things accomplished.

I’m also entering my third trimester of pregnancy.  If I haven’t mentioned this before, taking on a huge renovation project while pregnant is not the greatest timing at all.  Between not feeling great, taking care of the kids, and fitting in a little bit of work on the house, my days are shot.

So let’s look at what we accomplished this week.

First up is a look at our new light fixtures in the family room.  I am excited about the addition of these sconces in the back of the room that gets absolutely no light.


We put the sconces on a dimmer switch so we can have some mood lighting for watching movies.  I really want to replace the ceiling light fixture at some point soon.  The bulbs always tend to burn out quickly and we have the hardest time changing them out.


We finished painting the new hallway and are making progress on painting the new section of family room wall, which was added to lessen the doorway width into the hallway.  You may also notice Bella’s large stroller sitting there.  We are going to have to come up with some type of storage system for her stroller and wheel chair, and most likely it will be in this hallway.  I also have plans to add some type of toy storage system in the hallway.


In the main hall bath the toilet and sink got installed.  You may notice the door is missing.  So this bathroom works for our family in a crunch but we really need to get the door installed to truly make it functional!  Of course the door was currently unpainted wood, so it only needs 8 coats of paint to be finished.  Only 3 coats left to go.


Speaking of the door, while it’s getting painted we are also busy painting trim.  Bella’s bedroom is currently untouched.  We are basically using it as a work station for now.  We did get her carpet ordered and it should be installed sometime late this month.  That gives us a couple weeks to get in there and paint the walls and ceilings.


Bella’s bathroom is almost finished.  The toilet and sink/vanity got installed.  We still need to figure out a mirror and lighting for the vanity area.


Also remaining on the list is getting a closet system purchased and installed.


Our contractor is officially done, so now it’s all left up to us to get it done.  I’m still hoping to get Bella moved into her room at the end of this month (as long as the carpet gets installed in time).  I think that should still be a pretty realistic goal.  As I get bigger with pregnancy I am definitely looking forward to not having to carry her upstairs anymore.

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  1. Looking good!! Can't wait to see the finished product! And loving the bathroom sink, great idea!