Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Main Floor Bella’s Room–Week 6

Let’s get another update on the construction process.  Our contractor is pretty much finished up, minus a few cleaning items and such.  Last week he completed the installation of all the tiles.  So it was our turn to get in the rooms and start painting.

I’ll admit having to prime and paint both ceilings and walls takes quite a while, and quite a few coats.  We still are not done, but here is a sneak peak of Bella’s bathroom.


You may notice the painted piece of furniture sneaking it’s way into the photos.  This is the piece we decided to paint and turn into a vanity.  The color actually matches the shower floor tile better than the picture is showing.


You may also notice that the wall color is matching the wall tile.  Total accident, but it works.

We have another coat of wall paint that needs to go up and then it’s time to install trim/baseboards.  Once that’s finished the vanity needs to be put together and hooked up to the water lines and the toilet can be installed.  At that point we pretty much have a working bathroom.

But let’s talk another design dilemma.

Barn doors.  They are creeping up everywhere and I really want to use one between Bella’s bedroom and bathroom.


Here is an example of a barn door between a bedroom and bathroom.

barn door to bathroom

My dad actually has an old door laying around that I would like to convert, but I’m afraid with the 36” opening we did for handicap accessibility, the old door won’t quite be wide enough to cover the space.  But here is an example of what the door looks like.  I would probably paint mine a mint green color to match the bathroom color scheme.

barn reclaimed door

There is also the possibility to make your own doors out of wood.  I really like this double x door idea shown below.  But the likelihood of getting a door like this made is very slim around these parts…we are busy.

double x barn door

Another good option is the lightweight barn door application.  It’s lightweight because it’s a frame of wood with fabric in the middle.  You could potentially use an indoor/outdoor fabric to create the door that would hopefully work all right in the bathroom environment.

barn door lightweight

I think I have my husband on board for the barn door idea.  Now we just have to agree on the execution of the door and finding the time to get it made/installed.

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