Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Use the Library as a Resource

In following different blogs I would see sewing book reviews, or mentions of patterns from books.  The sewing books can be expensive at times, and you often don’t really know what is all included.  I was elated when I found out that usually if a book is popular enough, the library will carry it.

I mentioned wanting to make a pair of shorts from Oliver from a sewing book….this one in particular.

sewing for boys

I finished them quite a while ago, but I finally got around to photographing them.


They were called the “Treasure Pocket Pants”, but I turned them into shorts.  It was fairly simple to follow, and I did my first faux fly…which I love, it makes the pants/shorts look more professional.


So if you are wanting to get into sewing, a great place to start is your local library!

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