Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Challenge Week 2

This week I choose to modify some jean shorts using a pinterest idea as inspiration.

add fabric to shorts

I really loved the “aztec” inspired print, but I didn’t have anything like that in my stash.  And I didn’t really feel like running out and buying anything just for this project.

So in looking at my stash, I knew it was either going to be stripes or floral that would get added to my shorts.  I had a pair of light wash shorts I bought last year that were a little too short for my taste and didn’t really seem to go with anything.

So after adding a bright pink floral fabric….I got this.


Now I’m kind of wondering if I should leave them as-is, or if I should distress them to look like this (except keeping my floral band on the bottom)?

distressed shorts

This blog has a tutorial on distressing that I might try.  DIY - perfectly distressed skinny jeans tutorial from Say Yes to Hoboken.

distressed jeans how to

But for now these shorts are the perfect length, and great for casual wear!

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