Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Challenge Week 1

I’m going with the one I think will be the easiest and help my closet the most.

Challenge:  Too add fabric to a shirt to make it looser.

loosen a top

This week I will have multiple posts, because I actually have quite a few shirts I don’t wear that can be modified, and hopefully get more wear.

So shirt number one is a little red number.


I added some lace fabric in the back.  I had the lace leftover from another project, but you could always get a remnant at the store too.

I went with a triangle piece, because I really wanted it wider at the bottom, and only a slight difference at the top.

For days I want to be modest, I can easily wear a cami underneath, this picture was taken without one….obviously.


And when you get back to the front, the little bit of lace on the back, definitely fixed all my problems in the front.