Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Main Floor Bella’s Room–Week 4 & 5

As I sit and type this the contractor is working downstairs.  And it’s supposed to be his last day.  I just took these pictures this morning, so you can see how much work we will have left to do once he leaves.

Today they are finishing up the very last little bit of tile work and then getting a finish sand done on all the drywall.

Here is the new hallway looking towards our family room.  And then turning the opposite way and looking towards the front of the house.


Here is a shot from Bella’s bedroom.  Nothing really to see in here yet.


Next we are looking at the bathroom and new shower area (I’m standing in the new walk-in closet).


A close up of the tile.  The floor is a mint green penny tile.


We also added finishing the basement mudroom and stairs to this project.  Again just working on drywall, so not much to see yet.


Jesse and I will hopefully be tackling painting this weekend in the bathrooms, so we can get fixtures installed next week.

Looking for final pictures on our bathroom?  We still have the chandelier to hang and some final trim to paint and install.  Everything is functional so getting in there to finish things up is taking second place to getting the main floor areas usable.

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  1. Your tile choices are fantastic! So fun to catch up on your blog!!

    And I wish I had maternity clothes to lend you but mine are all winter -- I have a pair of maroon corduroys or black jeans if you'd like to borrow them. The corduroys are demi band and the black jeans (they're capri on me) have the full room for belly. I also have a pair of black leggings you can borrow. Unfortunately I didn't buy any tops because I had a friend loan me all of her maternity clothes. Let me know if you'd like to borrow any of mine. Actually, I'll bring them to the next book club and you can take/leave whatever. I might have some dresses that could work for you.