Friday, January 17, 2014

Subtle Changes

Sometimes you do something and although you like the intention, you just are not crazy about the results.

That was my dilemma in my family room.  I had painted the backs of the bookcases a bright peacock blue.  I liked the blue, but it just seemed a little too bold. 

Let’s review the whole bookcase change.

When we first moved into the house everything was dark paneling.  We painted the walls and at that time I painted the backs of the bookcases white.


It was still too dark, so I decided to paint all of the bookcases white.


That ended up looking too boring for me, and I picked out the peacock blue shade to add a pop of color.


As I mentioned, I liked the idea, but every time I looked at that blue….it just seemed like too much.  So one day on a whim, I took that bright blue leftover paint and I added a bunch of leftover gray paint to it.  I mixed it up until I came up with a little more subdued blue.


In a picture you probably wouldn’t even guess I had repainted it.  But it definitely makes a difference for me, I think the new blue is 100 times better.


What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I like it! I seriously need you to come over again and help me pick paint colors!