Monday, January 27, 2014

How I wore it


Well folks, this is how I decided to wear my tulle skirt to the Holiday party.  I am sad to report I did not get any pictures of my husband and I dressed up for the event.

I have never before gotten so many compliments on anything I have worn.  I got stopped by strangers to tell me they loved the skirt.  Although I will warn you it was only liked by the females.  The guys were a different story.

When I came down the stairs my husband looked at my outfit and said “Well you are going to stand out!”  And another gentlemen at the party jokingly asked where the other half of my wedding dress was?  So the guys definitely didn’t get it.

My son said I looked pretty, and then wanted to wear his sisters tutu costume so he could be pretty too.  To the horror of his father of course!

It definitely stood out among the crowd and I urge you to make one or buy one if you are on the fence.  Although a bit of caution – the tulle is extremely full of static.  Every time I stood next to someone to talk to them, my layers of tulle would drift up and stick to them.  I was constantly forcing my skirt to go down and stay put.  I have heard that spraying hairspray will help with the static electricity, but I didn’t do it before I left and didn’t have any on me there. 

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  1. Can you make me one?? I LOVE it!!! You look fabulous..
    Shannon Redetzke