Monday, January 13, 2014

Goals for 2014

Hello Everyone.

I took a short break from blogging to give myself a chance to relax after everyone went back to school.  I also took a break from sewing/crafting/home improvements in general.  It was nice not to have to think about what needed to be done next or what I needed to try in squeeze in any free time I had.

But in reality I do enjoy blogging and I definitely enjoy working on the projects, so they are not going away.

I haven’t done my New Year’s resolution post yet.  I have been thinking about it quite a bit.  In fact right as the year was ending our family did a lot of thinking about the direction we each wanted to take in life/work/home etc.  I think we have finally made some decisions.

2014 Goal – Stress less over things I can not control.

In general I want to stress less.  A while ago my husband and I took a look at all the things we juggle in life and tried to prioritize them.  I then took our two lists and melded them into one, so we could try and readjust our lives focusing on what was most important first.  To be honest we really didn’t change anything about our lives at that point.

Our most important goal was taking care of our kids and along those same lines each other.  Last year one of my resolutions was for us to go on more dates and spend more time together.  We actually did a fairly good job integrating that into our lives.  We definitely don’t have a weekly date night, but we did manage to get out together at least once or twice a month and we still took a few vacations minus the kids.

We need to continue to go on more dates and stay connected with each other.  We also need to take the time to put away all the things we feel we need to get done and spend our full attention on our children.  I find that so difficult to do.

The other big priority on our list was eating healthy and working out.  We are not consistent with this one at all.  I finally vowed that this would become a huge priority and focus for myself.  Last November I started working out in the morning if both kids were in school.  I put this “task” before starting my part time job and before blogging or doing any sort of projects.  I always stray a little when the kids are sick, or I am sick myself.  But I have actually begun to enjoy this time I take for myself.

Goal 2014 – to start cutting out the processed foods in our life.

I can admit we won’t be removing everything.  Our life is too busy and full of unpredictable moments, some quick and easy processed food will stick around.  But we plan to make big strides to have more fruits, vegetables, and home made meals from scratch.  This will take a lot more time on my part, so again some other things are going to have to take a back seat in order to accomplish this.

As far as the goals for blogging and projects.  I need to make a considered effort to focus on things that will actually get used or worn.

Goal 2014 – make the time I spend on projects worth it.

Here is the majority of my closet, minus dresses, dress slacks, anything in my dressers, jeans, etc.  Okay so now I am beginning to think I own way too much clothing.  Especially for the fact that I work from home and can wear what ever comfortable clothing I would like.


Here are the majority of the items of clothing I have made or modified.


What I learned by taking a look at all the things I have made and of those things what I actually wear is that….if it doesn’t pair with jeans or leggings, it won’t get much wear.  I have made quite a few pairs of skirts and they have not been worn at all.  I have made dressy items for going out, and well, we just don’t go out enough.

Also if I don’t take the time to make sure it fits correctly, I will not end up wearing it.  Another big mistake, trying to make something out of a fabric I don’t like just because I bought it (usually bought online and it’s not what I expected).  In the end I waste all my time, I didn’t like the fabric, I won’t like the garment made out of it!

Last year one of my goals was to not buy clothing.  Instead to modify what I already had or to make clothes out of scratch.  I did make/modify quite a few things.  But I bought things too.  I didn’t think I had bought that much until I hung it all together in my closet.  And to be honest there are a few things in my dressers I didn’t get out for the photo.


Since I already mentioned I think I have too many things, and I need to focus on things that will definitely get worn, I will again be trying not to buy anything new this year.

As far as the things I make for my kids.  I have found that if it’s everyday comfy wear, the kids get a lot of use out of it.  There are a few things I have made them, that have sat in their closet unworn, just like my own.

Goal 2014 – take better pictures, go for quality blog posts.

This goal for me means, taking the time to make sure I get good pictures.  If I have to have less blog posts so that the ones I do publish look better, than that is what needs to happen.  I have great Ideas and then in the end, I cut most of it out because I just want to get the thing done and uploaded.  Or I settle for bad pictures, bad locations, bad lighting, just to have a picture to accompany the post.

I think that about wraps up my goals for the new year.

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