Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pajama Problem

I have a problem with store bought pajamas.  Well specific ones and specifically related to my daughter.  My daughter can not wear tight pajamas, for some reason they cause her diaper to become loose and she inevitably pees the bed.  I get very tired of changing sheets every single morning.  So loose pajamas it is.

We do like store bought footie pajamas, but sometimes we would like a different option.

The best separate pajamas were these ones from Target.  You get them in a 3 piece set, usually one t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of pants.


They were comfortable and she likes them.  But for some reason I think pajamas can be a little pricey, especially when they start looking like this after a short amount of time.


Dirty and pilling all over.

So I have been on a recent quest to make my daughter some pajamas, while utilizing the most of my time and what can be bought in the store.

I just found this free pattern here for pajama pants.  I had recently bought some snuggle flannel for $3/yd and using the pattern I was able to sew up some pants in under 30 minutes (I did not add the contrasting cuff to the bottom, in order to save time and because I didn’t have any contrasting fabric that matched).


Now for the tops.  Making t-shirts isn’t a huge deal, but when you can scour Target for their $3.50 clearance plain colored t-shirts, well that makes a whole lot more sense.

So for $6.50 and under 30 minutes of time, you have a new set of pajamas.  You would actually have enough material to make shorts too….but I’m not sure many people like to sleep in flannel shorts!


And one happy and comfortable little girl!


A side note:  they say you shouldn’t make pajamas for children out of the snuggle flannel line because it hasn’t been treated for flammability.  In other words….use at your own risk, and just make sure if they are wearing any flannel material they are not around open flames (i.e. use common sense).

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