Friday, November 8, 2013

Fox Hat and Baggy Pants

I made a stocking hat for my son months ago.  Back when I had made him this little fox shirt, and I thought a fox stocking cap would look cute with it.  But I wasn’t really happy with the hat, I thought it had turned out too big and gathered and that it might look better on my daughter.

Except my son found the hat and loves to wear it.  He wears it all the time indoors and out.  And I think he likes the fact that it is a little baggy around his head.


He likes to style the hat off his head.  And loves to take it off and on.


It definitely makes me happy that he likes wearing something I made!

And as for the baggy pants.  I tried to make him a pair of pants with this as the inspiration.

baggy sweatpants

It did not turn out like the picture above.  I dropped the crotch too much, the legs are too baggy, and you can’t even see the bottom ankle band because the pants are too long.  I guess in another year when he grows in to them it might look like the photo above, but they are comfortable (I lined them so they are super warm for the winter), and he doesn’t mind the bagginess.  So he should get a lot of wear out of them.


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