Saturday, November 2, 2013

Homemade Versus Store Bought

As I finally wrapped up making Halloween costumes on the day of Halloween I began thinking about all the time and money put into making something homemade and how it would compare with something store bought.  I thought I would document it for you.

Bella – Wicked Witch of the East



Store bought option

– Doesn’t really exist for the whole costume.

Homemade version

– cost: $3 for tights (witch's dress was already owned, but also store bought).

– time: 5 hours to assemble and paint the cardboard house.  Extra bonus, the cardboard house makes a great play space for a two year old brother!


Myself – Wicked Witch of the West



Store bought option

– approx. $50-80

Homemade version

– cost: $25 fabric for black dress, tights, and makeup (already owned wig, hat, black shirt and boots).

– time: 6 hours to cut and sew the dress. 

Extra bonus, the dress is not a costume and can be worn for many occasions.  Although I will admit that my costume was not as good of a replica as I wanted to achieve.


Jesse – The Wizard of Oz as the door keeper

wizard of oz 3


Store bought option

– $60

Homemade version

– cost: $30 fabric for jacket, fabric for hat and mittens, thrifted jacket turned into dress, mustache. 

– time: 5 hours to cut and sew all the costume pieces ( I blame most of the time on the striped collar).

Men’s homemade costumes can be pricier because they need so much fabric for their taller/bigger frames.  Also this costume probably won’t be worn again, but I do have thoughts about changing the hat and mittens into something my daughter can actually wear.


Oliver – The flying monkey



Store bought option

– $50

Homemade version

– cost: $19 fabric for all 7 pieces of the costume

– time: I’m not sure I want to admit this one.  I did not keep track by any means, but I would guess something ridiculous like 10+ hours to cut and sew all the costume pieces. 

I’m hoping because the monkey suit looks cute without the flying monkey parts and I made it out of fleece material, he will be able to wear it around the house.  He loves the monkey pants with the tail and was upset he couldn’t wear them before Halloween.  We will see with Halloween being over if he wants to wear them now that he will be allowed to.


In the end I’m not disappointed I made them, although I think next year we should probably aim for something simpler!

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