Thursday, November 14, 2013

On Trend–Mixed Denim and Cropped Sweaters

Let’s just pretend I got this post finished up last Friday.  I was trying to create a new series that happened on Friday, but life has taken over and I haven’t posted an “On Trend” item for a couple of weeks.

I have owned this sweater for 7 years or so.  I bought it and never wore it.  It was one of those items that looked cute on the hanger and I neglected to try it on before I bought it.

It looks like a Charlie Brown sweater to me.


So I chopped off some length on the sweater and sewed up the hem.


The hem is still is a little wonky, so I think I might have to hand sew it.  But it’s good enough for me to wear it right now….can you tell I’m not too picky!


Here is a shot from the back.


This sweater will definitely get more use now.  As long as cropped sweaters stay in style!


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