Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Peplum Top

I have a really easy fix that anyone can do.  If you have an old dress laying around that has a defined waist, it’s an easy target to become a peplum top.

Remember this dress.


I had originally bought it for a Halloween costume.  And I even wore it for work a couple of times.  Then I tried to paint it and transformed it into this dress.


Except, I didn’t really like the paint job on it.  So I always had it in the back of my mind that this would make a great transition into a peplum top.  And lucky for me burgundy is one of the top colors this fall.


Today was not a great day for taking pictures.  The one above was the only decent one I took.  Here I’ll show you.


Note to self:  Be careful to stand straight or your boobs look saggy in this top.IMG_2191


It’s windy out, and how many times do I need to tell the dog to go lay down…outside of the shot.IMG_2193


Why hasn’t this camera taken the picture yet…oops there it went.IMG_2196


Is this really what I look like when I am just standing there and not smiling…all I can say is how unfortunate.IMG_2208


In theory I liked the jacket…looking at the picture it might be more balanced if I had on boots.IMG_2210

I’m curious to see if I will get more use out of it, now that it is a top instead of a dress.

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