Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ways you will use Math after school–Making a slipcover

At first I thought I could just use a picture and take measurements on my chair and come up with a perfect slipcover on my own.

Then McCall’s patterns were 70 cents, and they happened to have a slipcover pattern that I could modify for my own use.  I was sold.

I didn’t think it would be a walk in the park, but I thought it would be manageable.  I spent hours and hours taking measurements and modifying the pattern pieces, then cutting out the fabric itself.  I followed the directions and kept trying on the slipcover as I went.  Even with taking measurements, I was having to adjust quite a few things as I sewed, especially around curves.  I was also finding that I didn’t really make all of my adjustments correctly.

But in the end here is what I came up with.


From the front it actually looks quite good.  From the back…it’s a disaster.


Notice the weird gaping part in the middle back.  That is were common sense comes in.  I cut all the pieces exact to fit.  When I went to slip the cover on, I realized one huge fatal flaw.  I could not get the skinner bottom piece of the upper chair back over the wider upper portion of the chair back.

So I had to cut a slit in the slipcover and sew in some extra fabric.  Eventually I plan to sew on some buttons so I can close it up and it will look better.


Another problem is that the back must have taller proportions that the front, because if you look closely the skirt slopes up towards the back.


That would be an easy fix by adjusting the bottom hem, but I just don’t feel like taking it all apart and sewing it up again.  So for now I will live with it.

The pleats turned out pretty good.  I should probably go back and iron it, but again, I just want to be done with it!


The one slipcovered chair has made its way down to the kitchen.  Only 3 more to go, and I am really hoping they go smoother and that I have fixed all the kinks.

It will definitely be a bold pattern to break up our boring brown kitchen.

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