Monday, August 19, 2013

Blue Ribbon Cherry Pie

I sewed up a little outfit for Bella the other day.

It’s becoming apparent that I will soon be sewing a lot of her clothes.  Her situation might be a little unique, but a lot of people can probably relate when their kids are not the normal size for clothes.  Bella has a really long waist, so her tops need to be long in length.  Her legs are really short.  Now to complicate matters she has a spine brace.  This makes her chest really wide.  Which I guess means she just needs larger tops, so they fit around her chest/waist, and are long enough.  But then the neck is super wide open, and the sleeves are huge.

Like I said, it looks like I will be making a lot of her clothes from now on.

So here is her new look “Blue Ribbon Cherry Pie”.


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