Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I’ve been a little down on myself lately.

I’ve been super busy at work, on what turned out to be a pretty stressful project.  In my life stress means I don’t take care of myself, I’m tired, and I don’t want to do anything.

My days consist of getting the kids ready in the morning, working all day, and then taking care of the kids again around 4pm when they are done with school/sitters, etc.  Once the kids are in bed at 8:30pm, I’ll admit I often just head straight to bed myself, that is how tired I am.  In fact my husband and I have hardly had any time to speak to each other lately.  We usually eat dinner together, but besides that we have the divide and conquer theory of taking care of the kids, since they like to do such different things.  And if we are both going to sleep as soon as the kids are asleep, well we don’t have any alone time together either.

I also haven’t really been concentrating on eating good.  Whatever is easy, fast, and minimal clean up is what has been going on the table around here.  I noticed on our last months budget we had almost tripled the amount of money spent on going out to eat.  That directly affects how I have been feeling about myself, how my clothes have become tighter in the past month.  I also have been so tired that the thought of doing any physical exercise makes me want to curl up and ignore the world.

I was so excited for the school year to start.  To have both kids taken care of and doing exciting activities on their own for the majority of the day – 5 days a week.  Except after being at school for only 2 days, both kids got sick.  And then a few days later, I caught their same cold.  More miserableness for our household ensued.

We are finally at the tail end of our colds.  My stressful project at work is finally over.  Both kids are loving school.  I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  One that I hope stays bright for quite awhile before the next thing hits us…because it always does.

I have been itching to be creative again, to eat better/prepare more meals, and yes to even get in more exercise.

So I have jumped off and am tackling a huge daunting project.

We have this kitchen table and chair set that we bought off craigslist a couple of years ago.  It was ugly when we bought it, and I always had plans to change it.  Here is an old picture (Oct. ‘12) showing the set with it’s usual mess on top.


My plan was the re-stain the table a deeper color like the photo below and to make a slipcover for the chairs.

kitchen tablechair slipcover

I may have talked about these plans before, but I have actually started working on it.


And now that I have started the project I am asking myself if having fabric chairs around young children is really a smart thing to do?  I will just have to hope that the stain guard I spray on them really works, and that if needed since the fabric will slip off, I can wash it and not ruin it. 

Anyone else have fabric kitchen chairs and young children?

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  1. I actually WANT fabric over my chairs (assuming I can take it off and wash) Our chairs get sticky and food dried on them and it takes me forever to clean when I decide to do it. I am excited to see how these turn out - I might have to put in an order ;)