Friday, May 17, 2013

Dining Room Rug

We have been slowly working on renovating our dinning room over the past couple of months.  I did a post here that talked about our progress back in February.  It also talked about my wanting to put a rug in the room and not knowing which one I wanted.

Well after I wrote that post my husband brought up the point – why would you want to put a rug on top of a new expensive floor you just installed?

Just because – isn’t a good enough reason.

So I figured I had lost that battle and wasn’t really going to bring it up again.  But then as we were laying the tile, we ran into a few problems.  The floor wasn’t very even, and although my husband tried to correct it, it just couldn’t be helped.  But a rug would help cover up any inconsistencies.

You can’t really see anything from the picture, so it wasn’t anything too major.


But here is our new floor now with the addition of our new rug.


Yes that’s right.  I did end up getting the rug.  I completely lucked out.  If you do go back and look at my original post, you will see that this is one of the rugs I had first selected.  And right now Rugs USA is running a crazy good deal with 80% off their clearance rugs.  And this rug happened to be one of their clearance rugs, it also had free shipping, and no sales tax.  Huge score for me.  And my husband even said it looked great in the room.  Another huge score for me!!

And after some thought the number one reason I really wanted a rug in the dinning room.  It just makes it feel more cozy and warm.

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